This site is dedicated to one of the beautiful, ordinary and beloved car by millions of people around the world - the Renault 4. Not by mistake, A Car advert said "a stroke of genius" (Trait de génie).
Renault 4 was manufactured in France for 33 years (1961-1994) as a competitor to the success of the Citroen 2CV. Soft and long suspension let the vehicle safely travel in the villages fields and pathways. Served over the years millions of people that fall in love with the car and founded "Renault 4 - car clubs" worldwide.

My name is Ram Milon I am traveling in Renault 4 from childhood, more than forty years. I create the site for my love to R4. In the site you can find: Pictures, Links to other Renault sites, specifications, Models, R4 in Movies, Press, a special Page for Plein Air model, which I dream of and maybe import one in the future.
A special page Renault 4 in Israel including the R4 club of Israel, that was established in 2009 and I have the honor of being one of the founders. Also I am a member of the classic car collector club in Israel the "Five Club". Enjoy surfing.

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My family's 1969 RENAULT 4 (R1123). The car was purchased by my father in 1969, passed to me in 1987, and restored in 1997. It is now registered as "classic collectors Car" The R1123 have 845cc engine, traveled nearly 300,000 Km, and was anywhere in ISRAEL. Currently I'm building a scale model of the vehicle. Follow The process here 1:4 Scale Model (Hebrew only).


1974 RENAULT 4 (R1123) purchased at 2010 and had six owners before me. The car I met during the filming of "Intimate Grammar" in which I participated along with Lime as a background to the sixties. Although it has parked in a field for the last five years, made several short trips during the shooting of the film.
Restored in 2011, and can be follow in the link Snowdrop renovation log 1974 R4 (Hebrew only).